About Us


We start by picking our guests from thier hotels in Petra region.

Our guests are received in the beautiful ball room of the old village Resort with arabic coffee, ushered by Henna Fantasia men and women dressed in authentic beautiful folklore dresses.
The show starts 8.30 pm. The Henna Fantasia family perform eight different dances with eight different themes and eight different costumes.
Between dances and when the band changes costumes, we play specially made vidoes about Jordan histroy and heritage. We explain the ancient as well as the modern histroy of Jordan and show different themes of the Jordan culture like coffe and wedding rituals.
During the show we serve gourmet desserts that are coming from Jordan heritage, Grandmother recipes!
The end of the show is rather exciting; guests are invited to participate in a dance with the Henna Family and learn some steps of Jordan dances. Taking phots is welcomed all the time!
At the end all guests are ushered to our vehicles for a safe return to thierhotels carrying unique memories of the Henna Fantasia Jordan Folklore Night.  

why henna fantasia

The contents of the show are carefully researched and built to reflect authenticity; the input of reputable specialists in Jordan heritage and culture was sought and incorporated in the show. Music was selected based on songs rooted in various cultural themes. Costumes were specially desgined to strike a balance between originality and the fantasia of colours.

Our passion and love for Jordan is reflected in this experience that we gladly and proudly share every night with people coming to visit Jordan from all over the globe.

Henna fantasia night
Folklore dances from the whole spectrum of the Jordanian culture, informative and entertaining documentaries exhibiting the way of life in Jordan.