A Jordanian vision stemmed from a profound feeling of this place, Petra, its history and humanity.

Henna crafted its beauty and art cause from the creativity of this place. From our grandmothers’ who went to the farms to harvest the golden spikes, from their march to springs flowing over diamond beads under the passionate Sun of Jordan that painted our forearms, forefronts as well as our dreams.

Come join Henna members tonight in opening the windows to the beauty and freedom, let us fly together with two wings, the love to Jordan and belonging to human heritage. 


in Jordan Heritage

Arabian coffee is a brew of roasted coffee and cardamom, without sugar. Coffee has a lot of rituals in Jordan heritage.

Henna Fantasia takes you throug the full journy of Coffee Rituals.




Rituals in jordan

A Jordanian wedding is a window into Jordan’s traditions and customs. The ceremonies starts few nights before the wedding day.

Have you dreamt of a Jordanian wedding? Come close to your dream in Henna Fantasia.



jordan hospitality

Hospitality (Karam) is an honor the Jordanian is always striving to seize. It is deeply ingrained in Jordan culture and people do not expect anything in return.


Jordan Heritage

Our creative space is that of our peer citizens of Jordan aspiring to freedom and glamour.

ancient history of Jordan

Ain Ghazal monuments near the capital Amman is the evidence of one of the oldest farming communities known in human kind history that existed 7000 years BC.

The Nabatean’s Kingdom nourished between 6th century BC and first century with their Capital Petra.

Biblical Jordan

Jordan is the cradle of Christianity, Jesus was baptized in Jordan river. Then came the Byzantine era in which a lot of churches and temples were built.

an outstanding example is the Map of the Holy Land in a church in Madaba.

the Hashemite’s

The Hashemites ruled Syria and Iraq for a small period of time in the middle of last century and later established the Kingdom of Jordan.

King Abdulla II : Ruling Jordan today and fostering democracy reforms and promoting technology in Jordan modern economy.

Women in Jordan

The equality and respect for women goes deep in Jordan history.

At the Nabateans era and at its capital Petra lies the foundation of women respect and rights.

Women ruled in Petra as active queens. Their faces were put on coins. They owned and passed the wealth to their children. They played music side by side with men.

The god’s monuments were impersonated in women characters. Nabateans worshipped goddess as they saw women a symbol of life and fertility.

In Modern Jordan; women play pivotal role in political and social life. Jordanian women are very active in parliament and several women carry cabinet seats.

Queen Rania of Jordan is a role model for world women and is promoting tourism, education and women rights.

What is in the spectacular night of henna fantasia?

This is the carefully designed Folklore and heritage show. It is a deep and exciting immersion of the Jordan culture. The fashion, the music, the dances and the food (desserts).  We pick up our guests from any hotel in Petra of Jordan. We provide gourmet traditional desserts and Arabic coffee.

parties behind

henna fantasia
Very proud of the collective work that helped us create henna fantasia
Dr. Suhair Altal

Coreographer and fashion designer of Henna Fantasia.

Jordan Heritage Foundation

Heritage content resouce and editor for Henna Fantasia.


Innovation and social media support for Henna Fantasia.

Jordan Telivision

Jordan video archive support.

Jordan Tourism Board

Tourism media and marketing support.

special EVENTS
Henna Fantasia provides private and special parties 

Tourists’ welcome party in Petra Visitors Center.

Special New Year party in Suncity Resort – Wadi Rum.

Launch party for Urdon Jannah – Jordan Ministry of Tourism in Aqaba.

The charming place of henna fantasia
Our Jordan Folklore Night show runs every night in the Old Village Resort. An enchanting place rich of history from the Nabateans times, to the Ayyubid Kingdom to the home place of Nawafleh tribe of Wadi Musa.
Henna Family performs among the clay piping system built by the Nabateans. Near the Ayyubid Olive Mill, hearing the echos of the Petra residents preparing to visit Aaron shrine. For more details on Henna place visit Old Village Resort.

Ready to be immersed in Jordan Culture?